Technology Enabled Innovation

We believe there are major trends creating a dramatic effect on the way business computing is procured and managed:

1. Proliferation of consumer devices 

2. Increasingly connected and mobile devices

3. Growth in collaborative working

4. Explosion in technology enabled services

5. Appearance of information driven business models

These trends are increasingly enabled by the emergence of massively scaled technology ecosystems (from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and others) which provision both server and client compute power with service levels and price performance ratios that few enterprises can match, and indeed, in our view, enterprises must embrace and exploit.

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We discuss all of these topics and more in our EnVirtual Cloud Innovation Club ™

These Club meetings with CIOs and CTOs share practical insights and thinking on all matters related to delivering innovation in the enterprise using cloud technologies.  

We meet each quarter, usually over dinner in London, as a select group focussed on discussing how to get the best out of technology innovation for our businesses.

If you are interested in joining us please register here.

You will find below some of the topics we are discussing at these sessions.


Some of the key questions we discuss with CxOs from both a revenue growth and cost reduction viewpoint:

  • How are you taking advantage of the advances arising from consumer technology innovations?
  • What threats and opportunities exist with the massive growth in increasingly connected, collaborative and intelligent devices?
  • What new forms of technology and information enabled services are you considering?
  • How is information and advanced analytics going to transform productivity in your sector?  

Some of the key questions we discuss with CIOs & CTOs: 

  • Is our overall architecture strategy and portfolio of investments adequately reflecting the impact of new Cloud based business & technology trends?
  • Is our IT investment approach adequately adopting rapid, flexible, agile development techniques in this new world?
  • Is our IT capability fit for purpose for the journey ahead to accommodate these new trends?
  • How can we best use what already exists out there in terms of Cloud based solutions, and how can we best promote the development of solutions to support our needs? 

EnVirtual brings a range of capabilities and experience to help answer these questions.

EnVirtual Cloud Innovation Club™ Topics 2014


1. We subscribe to these 10 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2014...

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2. The use of SaaS in enterprises has sky-rocketed. IBM, in some ways with much to lose from enterprise SaaS adoption, thinks it drives competitive advantage

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3. In our view CIOs need to focus more on the customer and less on the back office; they can use enterprise SaaS and consumer computing ecosystems to streamline and integrate physical and digital customer journeys

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4. Microsoft research reveals that 45% of enterprises globally are running production-level cloud computing applications today

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5. CDO community a key target for EnVirtual services & products......see the CDO Summit Oct 29th in London

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