At EnVirtual our focus is on innovation and the rapid delivery cycles to make it happen quickly. From our experience we have developed a clear sense of what we think is a winning formula to make innovation and change happen successfully within an enterprise.

The Ground Rules

When launching something new, that will truly change the way things have worked, and sustain the change well into the future, check off these ground rules:

  • Make sure the initiative has a very clearly defined focus, and that the outcome is, subsequently, marketed relentlessly
  • Recognise the constraints of normal enterprise hierarchies, which often encode ‘business-as-usual’, and give it the maximum profile and visibility by reporting it into executive leadership, where it is regularly on the leadership agenda
  • Separate out the initiative into a distinct entity of its own and do not weigh it down with the steady-as-she-goes business-as-usual process
  • Put your best, most passionate and delivery focused people in charge and on the team, and give them the room to grow and develop
  • Make sure there is plenty of resource and financial commitment from the start, back it to win and happen, do not just look at it as an experiment
  • Give full permission to fail and fix fast and make this not just symbolic words but real life behaviours in terms of reigning in and letting go
  • Make sure it is not one of the many things that are happening in an area, it has to be truly one of a few investments that will change the way things happen for the future

The Mechanics of Making it Happen

At EnVirtual we embrace agile delivery techniques in the enterprise environment:

  • We work in multi-disciplinary teams consisting of commercial line of business staff, IT department staff, and suppliers,  this makes the most of all their strengths and perspectives
  • We co-locate with our clients and their suppliers as much as possible to shorten communication channels and decision cycles and to build and sustain strong working relationships
  • We deliver and evolve solutions quickly, in 6-9 month delivery cycles, prototyping early with a view to rapid evolution into production ready solutions
  • We review output regularly at the top table, showcasing outputs through engaging video and storyboards
  • We prioritise work in a fact based way by agreeing value and cost drivers
  • We build solutions with enterprise environments in mind, future proofed and 'legacy' aligned
  • We deliver using continuous integration techniques and harness the flexibility of cloud computing infrastructure and platforms