EnVirtual Cloud Innovation Club

At EnVirtual it seems to us that the impact and pace of technology innovation, driven by consumer computing, SaaS, and cloud infrastructure, will be truly transformational for enterprise IT. 

Given the scale of this change, and the limited opportunities for open, objective, and above all, realistic discussions about the opportunities, EnVirtual has created a club of senior industry executives, meeting 3-4 times a year, and sharing perspectives and real experiences.

EnVirtual Cloud Innovation Club members meet under the Chatham House rule, at an informal dinner setting to discuss how IT is evolving, and how IT leaders can best use it to accelerate business innovation.

Our invitees include senior peers from enterprise IT as well as industry specialists and investors who have interesting and realistic perspectives.

If you are interested in joining us and registering* to becoming a member of the Club please contact us with your name and role at: clubs@envirtual.co.uk


*Your name, role, and email address will only be used for club registration purposes