A selection of our work for venture backed start-ups

E-commerce information service

Envirtual partnered with a specialist retail consultancy to build and bring to market a new SaaS ecommerce intelligence product; currently in use by multiple global fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) clients.


With the growing significance of ecommerce, FMCG and retail companies increasingly need to manage and optimise their “digital shelf”, however this can be timely and inaccurate without a proper toolset. Envirtual’s objective was to design, build & launch a fully SaaS solution that enabled clients to track how effectively their products were being sold online and provide actionable insight to drive improvement.


Lean development and rapid time to market were fundamental imperatives of the product business case. Envirtual needed to operate within these constraints whilst delivering a solution that was technically complex; requiring huge volumes of raw, unstructured data to be crawled from ever-changing retailer websites, stored and interpreted for clients. Adding to this, Envirtual’s partner, whilst an expert in the retail industry, had no prior experience of software delivery or product ownership.


Envirtual mobilised an onshore software development team to work in close collaboration with our partner’s product owners and upskill them in our delivery methodology, which combines deep project and programme management skills with a fast paced agile process.

In order to accelerate time to market and reduce development costs Envirtual leveraged a suite of open source software components, frameworks and cloud platforms. Bespoke development efforts focused on differentiating features, such as backend data processing and personalised front end dashboards. Our architecture governance processes ensured technologies were selected against an agreed logical design, were fit for the job and trialed through a PoC.

Envirtual’s DevOps capability enabled the team to practice continuous integration (including deploying to production on daily basis) and provide extended warranty support following a successful launch.


The product was delivered to plan and is currently in use by multiple global fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) clients.

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Retailer productivity SaaS

Envirtual are currently building a venture business focused on productivity and sales improvement for multi-store retailers.


The retail sector is undergoing significant change. 

  • Despite the growth of digital retail, 89% of the £380bn spent in UK retail is still in physical stores

  • 650+ million work hours are spent every year completing core physical store operations and many of these tasks have little or no automation

  • New store formats require more versatility from fewer staff, supported by smaller technology footprints

  • Existing manual and paper-based processes provide little assistance to ensuring the quality to which health and safety or promotional event tasks are completed

  • The introduction of the living wage in UK is creating powerful incentives to increase store productivity

Envirtual is applying cloud and mobility technology to improve the speed, sequence and quality of task completion in retail stores using information captured in real-time for compliance and continuous improvement.


There is a need for a 24 x 7 x 365 availability SaaS solution that can be deployed with minimum impact on the retailer IT landscape.  Moreover the solution has to be deployable on very low cost tablet devices with a user interface tuned for the retail store worker environment.


A suite of cloud and mobility software which deliver the following benefits:

  • Improved speed and accuracy of in-store task completion

  • Guaranteed to be up to date with current legislation and best practice

  • Instant whole estate reporting minimising store audit visits

  • Provides guidance (on the job training) to new staff on how to complete tasks in high staff turnover environments

  • Real-time insight to enable continuous improvement of all stores and identify those requiring the most attention

  • Minimise missed sales opportunities with improved daytime replenishment

  • Reduce workload of in-store supervisory staff

  • Deployable to low cost mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows

  • Low impact on the store IT estate with self-service and 24x7 global operation


This software venture is currently in incubation. 

Retail Productivity Software